It’s been a busy few months for us at Docyt: rolling out huge & exciting updates – Pay Bills from your Web Account, Financial Dashboards, Banking Accounts service


1. Pay Bills from your Web Account

Available for all customers on Business Premium plan

You spoke and we listened! Docyt’s much loved feature makes its way to the webapp. Here’s what you should note:

  • Pay bills with Docyt check in web app
  • Works the same way it does in the iPhone app
  • Generate checks using a secret code sent to your phone
  • Only authorized payers can use this functionality in the web app


2. Financial Dashboards: Useful data on your fingertips

Available for all customers on Business Premium plan 

We get it. You’re the business expert, not an accountant. That’s why Docyt’s Financial Dashboards let you focus on what’s important to you.
These dashboards cut through the noise and show you only the simple things you need to know or do to ensure timely & accurate accounting for your business. And Docyt handles the rest.
  • Save loads of time 
  • Cut down your daily effort
  • Focus more on growing your business instead

Who can view the Financial Dashboards? 

  • Business Owners on Premium plan
  • Employees with assigned roles on any Docyt Service

What do the different Dashboards mean?

a. Tasks Dashboard alerts you of account connectivity or service activation issues, e.g., if one of your businesses is not connected to QuickBooks, or if you haven’t activated the Receipt Box service for a business.

b. Accounting Dashboard shows you a concise view of the pending actions for each business, like, unpaid invoices, unapproved receipts.

c. Finance Dashboard displays P&L and Balance Sheet data for all your businesses so you can quickly glance through it.

d. Recent Docs Dashboard acts as an audit trail for all incoming documents and displays the name of the uploader with a date & timestamp.

3. Banking Accounts Service: Bank & credit cards feeds in one consolidated view

Available for all customers on Business Premium plan 

And finally, introducing a brand new Docyt service to make your back office management easier.

Now, you can add all the payment accounts (like debit/credit cards and bank accounts) related to a business in one place. But why? Glad you asked!

  • Greater control and easier management of payment accounts
  • Consolidated view of bank and credit card transaction feeds
  • Faster reconciliation process
Want a Docyt Account Specialist to walk you and your team through these cool new updates? Reserve a time slot today.

Download the latest update from the app store and get another step closer to having a Smart Paperless Back Office with Docyt.

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