Connect to Cloud Services

Connect and scan your cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, for important documents.

Sharing Documents with Contacts

Add your family, friends, and business partner as a contact, and share a document with them in 2 taps.

Manage & Share Account Numbers

Too many account numbers to remember? Add to Docyt, and also share with contacts, if need be.

Powerful Scanner

Your phone is your scanner. Scan documents in high resolution, and quickly save or share.

Document Groups

Too many Credit Cards or documents of same type? Docyt automatically creates a Smart Group for you. As a bonus, you can share the entire group with a contact.

Favorite Documents

Some documents are just used too frequently. While in Docyt, rotate your phone to landscape, and get quick access to favorite documents.

Alerts & Reminders

Set an expiration date for your Passport or a payment deadline for your Credit Cards, and leave it to Docyt to remind you.

PDF Export of Documents

All your saved documents can be exported & shared as a PDF.

Custom Data Fields

Think we are missing an important field, while entering document details? You can add a variety of custom fields for your documents.

Folder Customization

Missing a document category? Create your own custom folder, for documents specific to your need.

Document Search

Stuck with mounds of paper? Docyt’s powerful search gets you to your documents in seconds.


Fax is so last century. But if you really need to send one, Docyt can help there too. Send digital faxes to over 20 countries, from Docyt.