Protect your family

Docyt keeps all important documents
smartly organized for your entire family.

Docyt UI showing family document management

One Location for all Family Documents

Running a household and a family is tough. There never is enough time. Paperwork management (tax, financial, insurance, legal, medical, etc.) is one such task that takes up a lot of time that you would rather be spending with your family.

Docyt mobile app makes it very easy to organize important paperwork so that you are prepared in case of an emergency.

Never Drive or Travel with Expired Documents

It is never fun to find out at the airport, that your passport has expired; or your drivers license, after being stopped by a cop. Docyt sends you friendly alerts and reminders before your documents expire.

You can also add notes and deadline reminders on any document.

Docyt shows alerts for expiring documents

Manage Paperwork for Parents

Are you the primary caregiver of your older parents? Then you know how difficult it is to keep all the lifetime of paperwork organized. With Docyt, one family member or caregiver can organize all important documents, and your parents can automatically get the benefit of organization.

Household Employee Paperwork

Hired a Nanny or Babysitter? Or just have a cook/gardner/maid? IRS requires you to disclose payments to such household employees. You also need a secure place to manage sensitive documents belonging to your household employees, like: Driver’s Licenses, SSNs, Background Check Reports, etc.

Use Docyt as the all in one tool to manage Household Employee Paperwork.

Secure Sharing with Tax Advisor, Broker, Lawyer & Others

Share what you want, with whomever you want, and when you are done, just revoke access. Only available on Docyt’s integrated messenger.

Using state of the art encryption features, Docyt ensures that you control access & privacy of your documents at all times.

Learn More about Docyt’s Security

Family Spread around the Globe?

Kids in college? Parents in another city? Family business in another geographic location? Get all important documents under one secure umbrella – Docyt.

No matter where your family members are located, Docyt keeps important documents synced on everyone’s cell phones.

Docyt connects geographically spread out families and helps them manage important documents.

Private. Secure. Encrypted. Learn More About Security.