Better business

Docyt keeps business paperwork well organized for
Audits, Accounting, Tax, & Compliance.

Smart Bill Payments in Seconds

Pay bills in two taps.

  • Scan invoice with Docyt.
  • Provide your thumbprint.

That’s it! Absolutely no manual data entry required. Docyt also automatically syncs all your payment information with Quickbooks.

Manage multiple entities with a single Docyt account, view payment insights as well as accurate P&Ls for all your businesses anytime.

Docyt is an Automated QuickBooks Manager

Snap. Thumbprint. Pay. And your QuickBooks is automatically synced in real-time!

Docyt & QuickBooks are made for each other. Add unlimited business entities to Docyt app, and connect each to a separate QuickBooks Online account. From there on, Docyt will take care of automatically sending all your invoices, check copies, receipts to your QuickBooks.

All Business Partners in Sync

In most businesses, there are partners or owners who are unaware of important tax, accounting, legal, operational or contractual paperwork. This could be a major issue during an emergency like audits, loans, lawsuits or claims.

Docyt will keep all important business paperwork organized and in sync across all business partners.

Keep your Business Compliant

Docyt sends you timely alerts and reminders to keep you aware of important license expirations, and overdue bills & invoices. It also holds sensitive employee and customer documents encrypted & secure from prying eyes.

Have paper forms with sensitive customer data? Docyt can remind you to destroy after compliance period is over.

Docyt Notifications and Expiration Alerts
Docyt Voice Search Results for Invoices

Save Hours on Accounting

No more digging through vendor invoices & receipts to generate your P&L statements. Simple voice commands can get you Revenue/Expense totals from specific vendors and profit/cost centers.

Fight your Audits

Docyt’s powerful voice search can quickly find the exact document that you need to fight an IRS, Franchise, or Compliance audits.

Just don’t forget to add your documents to Docyt!

Docyt Voice Search helps fight audits

Manage Employee & Contractor Paperwork

Offer Letters, Paystubs, Timesheets, W2s, W4s, W9s, 1099-MISC, Drivers Licenses, SSNs, Background Checks, NDAs, Contracts…

There’s just too much to manage, when it comes to employee & contractor document management. Let Docyt securely organize this chaos for you.

With the included Accountant Connection, you can also easily share these documents with your accountant during tax time.

Ultra Secure
Password Management

Are your still sharing spreadsheets of your passwords with your accountant or business partner? Don’t jeopardize the safety of your business. Use Docyt.

Docyt allows you to save all kinds of IT systems, Vendor account, Utility account, and many other types of Passwords, Account Numbers, and more. Your data on Docyt is already encrypted, but for Passwords we go the extra mile to ensure their security.

And when you need to really share passwords with an accountant, employee, or business partner, Docyt ensures that its done securely. And when the need for sharing is over, safely withdraw the permission. As simple as that.

Learn More About Security

Docyt Password Management

Private. Secure. Encrypted. Learn More About Security.