Docyt is started by Silicon Valley engineers & designers

with a passion for simplicity and data-security


Like any other small-business, Docyteers personally deal with tremendous amounts of back-office paperwork, document sharing, and data privacy worries. We started Docyt with the goal of simplifying these complex issues. Following are the values that guide us:



Our community & family comes first at Docyt. On any given day, our loved ones are dealing with so many worries and hassles. If we can design tools, that can take away a little bit of those worries or hassles, its a great day!

Docyt Features


Docyteers realize the immense trust our customers place in our tools. Our goal is not to cross the finish line the fastest, nor with the biggest bank balance. Every decision we make is rooted in honesty, integrity, and the right thing to do.

Our Privacy Policy


Security of our customer’s data is fundamental to the tools we build for you. We never take shortcuts. We use the latest encryption and security methods available.   And yes, we eat our own cake by using our own tools extensively.

How we Secure Data

Our Investors


& several top silicon valley angels.

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